Amalfi Coast

We’re finally here!

The Amalfi Coast is a mixture of exquisiteness, lavish towns and pleasing views.

Along the coast are the picturesque gems of Positano, Praiano, Amalfi, Ravello, Sorrento and the island of Capri. Each of these destinations provided their own unique feel and dished out some of the most incredible food at their restaurants.

The journey time from Naples airport to Hotel Le Fioriere in Praiano where we stayed for the duration of our trip was approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. Although it was a long ride the winding coastal roads, dramatic looking cliffs, the blue sea and the sun made the journey worth the while. Our taxi driver also kindly stopped along the way so that we could step out and take pictures of the views which we were in awe about.


Unforgettable views

Positano is by far the coast’s most photogenic and scenic town in my opinion. A mixture of colorful houses, hotels, restaurants and small boutique shops are set on the cliff which led down to the main beach. This view was made even better once the sun started to set.

The walks to virtually anywhere in this town nearly always involved a steep walk up or down however I found myself unable to stop walking because the endless colourful streets, the irresistible eateries, the fashionable retailers and the beauty of the coast from different heights keep drawing you forward.

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Hope you enjoy your stay

Hotel Le Fioriere – A brilliant family-run hotel that faces the ocean and is only a few minutes ride from the town of Positano. The rooms had a simple yet elegant Italian beach house feel. The rooms had blue tiled floors and draped curtains that open up to a remarkable view of the Mediterranean scene below.

The rooms were big and spacious and also provided us with good Wi-Fi connection, a TV, an iPod dock, a minibar and a large work space area. The bed although simple was comfortable enough and provided you with a good night’s sleep. The hotel also offers a substantial breakfast with good variety which definitely helped fuel us for our busy days of exploring.

Probably the best thing about this hotel was the rooftop bar/restaurant. The outdoor restaurant offered an incredible view of the coast especially in the sunset. Having visited the restaurant for dinner, the food that we had was mouth-watering and they were generous with their portions.  There are an array of choices on the menu from healthy salads and fishes to burgers and chips. There were also quite a huge and interesting selection of wines and cocktails on the menu for those that preferred to have a drink.

Lastly, the family that run the hotel were very welcoming and hospitable. They always had a smile on their faces and made you feel at home especially after a long day out when finally getting back to the hotel.


It’s so blue!

An island in Italy’s Bay of Naples that is extremely popular for its tough scene, upscale inns and shopping, from originator designs to limoncello and high-quality cowhide shoes. Capri’s crystalline waters, are what attract many people and yachts. One of the main beauties is the Blue Grotto, a dull sinkhole where the ocean sparkles electric blue, the aftereffect of daylight going through a submerged give in.

Whether you are riding a Vespa or strolling along its trails, going on pontoon visits to find its concealed caves, eating chichi pizza, pasta or fresh fish, Capri is one of the best places to do it


Piazza Tasso – main square is the place to be

Sorrento is an elegant and beautiful town that has a lot to offer from the harbour to the number of backstreets with little shops. Piazza Tasso is a very good place to eat as there are loads of eateries, all great food and fine wine.


From the hotel to Ravello it took approximately 40 minutes. Riding the bike along the coast, feeling the breeze, experiencing wanders aimlessly and going up slopes was incredible. Exquisiteness really does come naturally to Ravello and Villa Cimbrone’s Terrace of Infinity is one of the most remarkable viewing points.

For a considerable length of time, the compelling appeal of Ravello’s stately manors and cliff edge gardens have been drawing everyone’s attention. Today it hosts high profile events such as the Ravello Festival and the Chamber Music Festival.

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